keystone.revoke.backends.base module

class keystone.revoke.backends.base.RevokeDriverBase[source]

Bases: object

Interface for recording and reporting revocation events.

abstract list_events(last_fetch=None, token=None)[source]

Return the revocation events, as a list of objects.

  • last_fetch – Time of last fetch. Return all events newer.

  • token – dictionary of values from a token, normalized for differences between v2 and v3. The checked values are a subset of the attributes of model.TokenEvent


A list of keystone.revoke.model.RevokeEvent newer than last_fetch. If no last_fetch is specified, returns all events for tokens issued after the expiration cutoff.

abstract revoke(event)[source]

Register a revocation event.


event – An instance of keystone.revoke.model.RevocationEvent