Source code for keystone.version.controllers

# Copyright 2012 OpenStack Foundation
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may
# not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain
# a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT
# WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the
# License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations
# under the License.

from oslo_serialization import jsonutils
from six.moves import http_client
import webob

from keystone.common import extension
from keystone.common import json_home
from keystone.common import wsgi
from keystone import exception

MEDIA_TYPE_JSON = 'application/vnd.openstack.identity-%s+json'


# NOTE(blk-u): latest_app will be set by keystone.version.service.loadapp(). It
# gets set to the application that was just loaded. loadapp() gets called once
# for the public app if this is the public instance or loadapp() gets called
# for the admin app if it's the admin instance. This is used to fetch the /v3
# JSON Home response. The /v3 JSON Home response is the same whether it's the
# admin or public service so either admin or public works.
latest_app = None

[docs]def request_v3_json_home(new_prefix): if 'v3' not in _VERSIONS: # No V3 support, so return an empty JSON Home document. return {'resources': {}} req = webob.Request.blank( '/v3', headers={'Accept': 'application/json-home'}) v3_json_home_str = req.get_response(latest_app).body v3_json_home = jsonutils.loads(v3_json_home_str) json_home.translate_urls(v3_json_home, new_prefix) return v3_json_home
[docs]class Extensions(wsgi.Application): """Base extensions controller to be extended by public and admin API's.""" # extend in subclass to specify the set of extensions @property def extensions(self): return None
[docs] def get_extensions_info(self, request): return {'extensions': {'values': list(self.extensions.values())}}
[docs] def get_extension_info(self, request, extension_alias): try: return {'extension': self.extensions[extension_alias]} except KeyError: raise exception.NotFound(target=extension_alias)
[docs]class AdminExtensions(Extensions): @property def extensions(self): return extension.ADMIN_EXTENSIONS
[docs]class PublicExtensions(Extensions): @property def extensions(self): return extension.PUBLIC_EXTENSIONS
[docs]def register_version(version): _VERSIONS.append(version)
[docs]class MimeTypes(object): JSON = 'application/json' JSON_HOME = 'application/json-home'
[docs]def v3_mime_type_best_match(request): # accept_header is a WebOb MIMEAccept object so supports best_match. accept_header = request.accept if not accept_header: return MimeTypes.JSON SUPPORTED_TYPES = [MimeTypes.JSON, MimeTypes.JSON_HOME] return accept_header.best_match(SUPPORTED_TYPES)
[docs]class Version(wsgi.Application): def __init__(self, version_type, routers=None): self.endpoint_url_type = version_type self._routers = routers super(Version, self).__init__() def _get_identity_url(self, context, version): """Return a URL to keystone's own endpoint.""" url = self.base_url(context, self.endpoint_url_type) return '%s/%s/' % (url, version) def _get_versions_list(self, context): """The list of versions is dependent on the context.""" versions = {} if 'v2.0' in _VERSIONS: versions['v2.0'] = { 'id': 'v2.0', 'status': 'deprecated', 'updated': '2016-08-04T00:00:00Z', 'links': [ { 'rel': 'self', 'href': self._get_identity_url(context, 'v2.0'), }, { 'rel': 'describedby', 'type': 'text/html', 'href': '' } ], 'media-types': [ { 'base': 'application/json', 'type': MEDIA_TYPE_JSON % 'v2.0' } ] } if 'v3' in _VERSIONS: versions['v3'] = { 'id': 'v3.8', 'status': 'stable', 'updated': '2017-02-22T00:00:00Z', 'links': [ { 'rel': 'self', 'href': self._get_identity_url(context, 'v3'), } ], 'media-types': [ { 'base': 'application/json', 'type': MEDIA_TYPE_JSON % 'v3' } ] } return versions
[docs] def get_versions(self, request): req_mime_type = v3_mime_type_best_match(request) if req_mime_type == MimeTypes.JSON_HOME: v3_json_home = request_v3_json_home('/v3') return wsgi.render_response( body=v3_json_home, headers=(('Content-Type', MimeTypes.JSON_HOME),)) versions = self._get_versions_list(request.context_dict) return wsgi.render_response( status=(http_client.MULTIPLE_CHOICES, http_client.responses[http_client.MULTIPLE_CHOICES]), body={ 'versions': { 'values': list(versions.values()) } })
[docs] def get_version_v2(self, request): versions = self._get_versions_list(request.context_dict) if 'v2.0' in _VERSIONS: return wsgi.render_response(body={ 'version': versions['v2.0'] }) else: raise exception.VersionNotFound(version='v2.0')
def _get_json_home_v3(self): def all_resources(): for router in self._routers: for resource in router.v3_resources: yield resource return { 'resources': dict(all_resources()) }
[docs] def get_version_v3(self, request): versions = self._get_versions_list(request.context_dict) if 'v3' in _VERSIONS: req_mime_type = v3_mime_type_best_match(request) if req_mime_type == MimeTypes.JSON_HOME: return wsgi.render_response( body=self._get_json_home_v3(), headers=(('Content-Type', MimeTypes.JSON_HOME),)) return wsgi.render_response(body={ 'version': versions['v3'] }) else: raise exception.VersionNotFound(version='v3')
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