Token provider

Token provider

OpenStack Identity supports customizable token providers. This is specified in the [token] section of the configuration file. The token provider controls the token construction, validation, and revocation operations.

You can register your own token provider by configuring the following property:


More commonly, you can use this option to change the token provider to one of the ones built in. Alternatively, you can use it to configure your own token provider.

  • provider - token provider driver. Defaults to fernet. Implemented by keystone.token.providers.fernet.Provider. This is the entry point for the token provider in the keystone.token.provider namespace.

Below is the detailed list of the token formats supported by keystone.:

fernet tokens do not need to be persisted at all, but require that you run keystone-manage fernet_setup (also see the keystone-manage fernet_rotate command).


Fernet tokens are bearer tokens. They must be protected from unnecessary disclosure to prevent unauthorized access.

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