keystone.application_credential.backends.base module

keystone.application_credential.backends.base module

class keystone.application_credential.backends.base.ApplicationCredentialDriverBase[source]

Bases: object

authenticate(application_credential_id, secret)[source]

Validate an application credential.

  • application_credential_id (str) – Application Credential ID
  • secret (str) – Secret

AssertionError – If id or secret is invalid.

create_application_credential(application_credential, roles)[source]

Create a new application credential.

  • application_credential (dict) – Application Credential data
  • roles (list) – A list of roles that apply to the application_credential.

a new application credential


Delete a single application credential.

Parameters:application_credential_id (str) – ID of the application credential to delete.

Delete all application credentials for a user.

Parameters:user_id – ID of a user to whose application credentials should be deleted.
delete_application_credentials_for_user_on_project(user_id, project_id)[source]

Delete all application credentials for a user on a given project.

  • user_id (str) – ID of a user to whose application credentials should be deleted.
  • project_id (str) – ID of a project on which to filter application credentials.

Get an application credential by the credential id.

Parameters:application_credential_id (str) – Application Credential ID
list_application_credentials_for_user(user_id, hints)[source]

List application credentials for a user.

  • user_id (str) – User ID
  • hints – contains the list of filters yet to be satisfied. Any filters satisfied here will be removed so that the caller will know if any filters remain.
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