keystone.common.extension module

keystone.common.extension module

keystone.common.extension.register_admin_extension(url_prefix, extension_data)[source]

Register extension with collection of admin extensions.

Extensions register the information here that will show up in the /extensions page as a way to indicate that the extension is active.

url_prefix: unique key for the extension that will appear in the
urls generated by the extension.
extension_data is a dictionary. The expected fields are:
‘name’: short, human readable name of the extension ‘namespace’: xml namespace ‘alias’: identifier for the extension ‘updated’: date the extension was last updated ‘description’: text description of the extension ‘links’: hyperlinks to documents describing the extension
keystone.common.extension.register_public_extension(url_prefix, extension_data)[source]

Same as register_admin_extension but for public extensions.

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