keystone.contrib.s3.core module

keystone.contrib.s3.core module

Main entry point into the S3 Credentials service.

This service provides S3 token validation for services configured with the s3_token middleware to authorize S3 requests.

This service uses the same credentials used by EC2. Refer to the documentation for the EC2 module for how to generate the required credentials.

class keystone.contrib.s3.core.S3Controller[source]

Bases: keystone.contrib.ec2.controllers.Ec2ControllerV3

check_signature(creds_ref, credentials)[source]
render_token_data_response(token_id, token_data)[source]

Render token data HTTP response.

Note: We neither want nor need to send back the token id.

class keystone.contrib.s3.core.S3Extension[source]

Bases: keystone.common.wsgi.RoutersBase

append_v3_routers(mapper, routers)[source]

Append v3 routers.

Subclasses should override this method to map its routes.

Use self._add_resource() to map routes for a resource.

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