keystone.oauth1.routers module

keystone.oauth1.routers module

class keystone.oauth1.routers.Routers[source]

Bases: keystone.common.wsgi.RoutersBase

API Endpoints for the OAuth1 extension.

The goal of this extension is to allow third-party service providers to acquire tokens with a limited subset of a user’s roles for acting on behalf of that user. This is done using an oauth-similar flow and api.

The API looks like:

# User access token crud
GET /users/{user_id}/OS-OAUTH1/access_tokens
GET /users/{user_id}/OS-OAUTH1/access_tokens/{access_token_id}
GET /users/{user_id}/OS-OAUTH1/access_tokens/{access_token_id}/roles
GET /users/{user_id}/OS-OAUTH1/access_tokens
DELETE /users/{user_id}/OS-OAUTH1/access_tokens/{access_token_id}
append_v3_routers(mapper, routers)[source]

Append v3 routers.

Subclasses should override this method to map its routes.

Use self._add_resource() to map routes for a resource.

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