Invalid password regular expression.

The password regular expression is invalid and users will not be able to make password changes until this has been corrected.

Ensure [security_compliance] password_regex is a valid regular expression.[source]

Minimum password age should be less than the password expires days.

If the minimum password age is greater than or equal to the password expires days, then users would not be able to change their passwords before they expire.

Ensure [security_compliance] minimum_password_age is less than the [security_compliance] password_expires_days.[source]

Password regular expression description is not set.

The password regular expression is set, but the description is not. Thus, if a user fails the password regular expression, they will not receive a message to explain why their requested password was insufficient.

Ensure [security_compliance] password_regex_description is set with a description of your password regular expression in a language for humans.