keystone.common.provider_api module

exception keystone.common.provider_api.DuplicateProviderError[source]

Bases: Exception

Attempting to register a duplicate API provider.

class keystone.common.provider_api.ProviderAPIMixin[source]

Bases: object

Allow referencing provider apis on self via __getattr__.

Be sure this class is first in the class definition for inheritance.

class keystone.common.provider_api.ProviderAPIRegistry[source]

Bases: object

deferred_provider_lookup(api, method)[source]

Create descriptor that performs lookup of api and method on demand.

For specialized cases, such as the enforcer “get_member_from_driver” which needs to be effectively a “classmethod”, this method returns a smart descriptor object that does the lookup at runtime instead of at import time.

  • api (str) – The api to use, e.g. “identity_api”

  • method (str) – the method on the api to return

locked = False