keystone.models.token_model module

Unified in-memory token model.

class keystone.models.token_model.TokenModel[source]

Bases: object

An object that represents a token emitted by keystone.

This is a queryable object that other parts of keystone can use to reason about a user’s authentication or authorization.

property access_token
property application_credential
property audit_ids
property domain
property domain_scoped
property expires_at
property issued_at
mint(token_id, issued_at)[source]

Set the id and issued_at attributes of a token.

The process of building a token requires setting attributes about the authentication and authorization context, like user_id and project_id for example. Once a Token object accurately represents this information it should be “minted”. Tokens are minted when they get an id attribute and their creation time is recorded.

property oauth_scoped
property project
property project_domain
property project_scoped
property roles
property system_scoped
property trust
property trust_project
property trust_project_domain
property trust_scoped
property trustee
property trustor
property unscoped
property user
property user_domain