keystonemiddleware.audit package

Module contents

Build open standard audit information based on incoming requests.

AuditMiddleware filter should be placed after keystonemiddleware.auth_token in the pipeline so that it can utilise the information the Identity server provides.

class keystonemiddleware.audit.AuditMiddleware(app, **conf)

Bases: object

Create an audit event based on request/response.

The audit middleware takes in various configuration options such as the ability to skip audit of certain requests. The full list of options can be discovered here:

keystonemiddleware.audit.filter_factory(global_conf, **local_conf)

Return a WSGI filter app for use with paste.deploy.


Return a list of oslo_config options available in audit middleware.

The returned list includes all oslo_config options which may be registered at runtime by the project.

Each element of the list is a tuple. The first element is the name of the group under which the list of elements in the second element will be registered. A group name of None corresponds to the [DEFAULT] group in config files.


a list of (group_name, opts) tuples