MariaDB Guide

Kolla Ansible supports deployment of a MariaDB/Galera cluster for use by OpenStack and other services.

MariaDB Shards

A database shard, or simply a shard, is a horizontal partition of data in a database or search engine. Each shard is held on a separate database server/cluster, to spread load. Some data within a database remains present in all shards, but some appears only in a single shard. Each shard acts as the single source for this subset of data.

Kolla supports sharding on service’s database level, so every database can be hosted on different shard. Each shard is implemented as an independent Galera cluster.

This section explains how to configure multiple database shards. Currently, only one shard is accessible via the HAProxy load balancer and supported by the kolla-ansible mariadb_backup command. This will be improved in future by using ProxySQL, allowing load balanced access to all shards.


Each shard is identified by an integer ID, defined by mariadb_shard_id. The default shard, defined by mariadb_default_database_shard_id (default 0), identifies the shard that will be accessible via HAProxy and available for backing up.

In order to deploy several MariaDB cluster, you will need to edit inventory file in the way described below:

server1ofcluster1 mariadb_shard_id=1
server2ofcluster1 mariadb_shard_id=1
server3ofcluster1 mariadb_shard_id=1
server1ofcluster2 mariadb_shard_id=2
server2ofcluster2 mariadb_shard_id=2
server3ofcluster2 mariadb_shard_id=2


If mariadb_shard_id is not defined for host in inventory file it will be set automatically to mariadb_default_database_shard_id (default 0) from group_vars/all.yml and can be overwritten in /etc/kolla/globals.yml. Shard which is marked as default is special in case of backup or loadbalance, as it is described below.


Kolla currently supports balancing only for default shard. This will be changed in future by replacement of HAProxy with ProxySQL. This results in certain limitations as described below.

Backup and restore

Backup and restore is working only for default shard as kolla currently using HAProxy solution for MariaDB loadbalancer which is simple TCP and has configured only default shard hosts as backends, therefore backup script will reach only default shard on kolla_internal_vip_address.