Quobyte Storage for OpenStack

Quobyte Cinder Driver

To use the Quobyte Cinder backend, enable and configure the Quobyte Cinder driver in /etc/kolla/globals.yml.

enable_cinder_backend_quobyte: "yes"

Also set values for quobyte_storage_host and quobyte_storage_volume in /etc/kolla/globals.yml to the hostname or IP address of the Quobyte registry and the Quobyte volume respectively.

Since Quobyte is proprietary software that requires a license, the use of this backend requires the Quobyte Client software package to be installed in the cinder-volume and nova-compute containers. To do this follow the steps outlined in the Building Container Images, particularly the Package Customisation and Custom Repos sections. The repository information is available in the Quobyte customer portal.