Monasca - Monitoring service


Following a decline in activity within the OpenStack Monasca project, Kolla Ansible has decided to remove support for deploying it. Advice for removing it is included in the cleanup section below.


The cleanup command can be invoked from the Kolla Ansible CLI, for example:

kolla-ansible monasca_cleanup

This will remove Monasca service containers (including Kafka, Storm and ZooKeeper), and service configuration.

Following cleanup, you may also choose to remove unused container volumes. It is recommended to run this manually on each Monasca service host. Note that docker prune will indiscriminately remove all unused volumes, which may not always be what you want. If you wish to keep a subset of unused volumes, you can remove them individually.

To remove all unused volumes on a host:

docker prune

To remove a single unused volume, run for example:

docker volume rm monasca_log_transformer_data


Monasca support in Kolla was contributed by StackHPC Ltd. and the Kolla community. If you have any issues with the deployment please ask in the Kolla IRC channel.