Horizon - OpenStack dashboard


Kolla can deploy a full working Horizon dashboard setup in either a all-in-one or multinode setup.

Extending the default local_settings options

It is possible to extend the default configuration options for Horizon by using a custom python settings file that will override the default options set on the local_settings file.

As an example, for setting a different (material) theme as the default one, a file named custom_local_settings should be created under the directory {{ node_custom_config }}/horizon/ with the following contents:

             ('material', 'Material', 'themes/material'),

As a result material theme will be the only one available, and used by default. Other way of setting default theme is shown in the next section.

Adding custom themes

It is possible to add custom themes to be available for Horizon by using horizon_custom_themes configuration variable in globals.yml. This entry updates AVAILABLE_THEMES adding the new theme at the list end.

  - name: my_custom_theme
    label: CustomTheme

Theme files have to be copied into: {{ node_custom_config }}/horizon/themes/my_custom_theme. The new theme can be set as default in custom_local_settings:

DEFAULT_THEME = 'my_custom_theme'