Kuryr Kubernetes OpenContrail Integration


This spec proposes how to integrate OpenContrail with Kuryr-Kubernetes. OpenContrail is an open source project that provides network virtualization functionality to OpenStack. Integrating these will allow Kuryr to be used to bridge container-VM networking in a Contrail-based OpenStack deployment.

Problem Description

OpenContrail is one of the largest SDN platforms, but it currently does not work with Kuryr-Kubernetes. The goal of this blueprint is to provide Kuryr with the correct driver so that a Kubernetes-hosted container can use Kuryr-Kubernetes to correctly interface with an OpenContrail-based network. In this configuration, OpenContrail will take place of the Open Virtual Switch, L2/L3 functionality, etc. that normally comes with using Neutron as the default implementation.

Use Cases

Kuryr will act as the container networking interface for OpenContrail. This patch set will allow a bare-metal, Kubernetes-hosted container to interact with VMs in an OpenStack virtual network. This means we have to have a way to plug, unplug and bridge the container.

Use Case 1: Enable container based work loads to communicate with OpenStack hosted VM workloads in Contrail SDN environments

Use Case 2: Allow Kubernetes workloads to leverage advanced OpenContrail based networking

Use Case 3: Enable Kubernetes to create virtual networks via Contrail

Proposed Change

This change will add a driver to Kuryr-Kubernetes that has all of the functionality of the CNI specifically for OpenContrail. The driver will feature the plug() and unplug() commands that grant the container network access.

Community Impact

This spec invites the community to collaborate on a unified solution to support contrail integration within Kuryr-Kubernetes.



Darla Ahlert Steve Kipp

Work Items

1. Implement an os-vif bare bones plugin similar to [1] only worrying about plug and unplug. We will implement this within Kuryr-Kubernetes for now and eventually merge this to openstack/os-vif. 2. Look into serialization for OpenContrail and use [2] as a reference, if needed. 3. Look into binding for OpenContrail similar to OVS binding [3] 4. Implement unit tests for added code 5. Add gate to install OpenContrail components

Added Paths for New Code:



[1] https://github.com/openstack/os-vif/blob/master/vif_plug_ovs/ovs.py [2] https://github.com/openstack/kuryr-kubernetes/blob/794ec706c5fbe0da6e49bf20ba2439d8eb39ae7e/kuryr_kubernetes/os_vif_util.py#L258-L281 [3] https://github.com/openstack/kuryr-kubernetes/blob/794ec706c5fbe0da6e49bf20ba2439d8eb39ae7e/kuryr_kubernetes/cni/binding/bridge.py