Fullstack test

This is a guide for developers who want to run Fullstack tests in their local machine.


You need to deploy kuryr-libnetwork in a DevStack environment.

Clone DevStack:

# Create a root directory for devstack if needed
sudo mkdir -p /opt/stack
sudo chown $USER /opt/stack

git clone https://opendev.org/openstack/devstack /opt/stack/devstack

We will run devstack with minimal local.conf settings required. You can use the sample local.conf as a quick-start:

git clone https://opendev.org/openstack/kuryr-libnetwork /opt/stack/kuryr-libnetwork
cp /opt/stack/kuryr-libnetwork/devstack/local.conf.sample /opt/stack/devstack/local.conf

Run DevStack:

cd /opt/stack/devstack

NOTE: This will take a while to setup the dev environment.

Run the Fullstack test

Navigate to kuryr-libnetwork directory:

cd /opt/stack/kuryr-libnetwork

Run this command:

tox -e fullstack

Also you can run fullstack test using credentials from openrc config file, this requires you source openrc file in your DevStack or production environment. In DevStack, you can using command “source openrc admin” in your devstack directory. For production environment, please refer “Create OpenStack client environment scripts” in OpenStack install guide.

Source the credential of ‘admin’ user:

source /opt/stack/devstack/openrc admin

Then run command:

tox -e fullstack