Verify operation

Verify operation

Verify operation of the Object Storage service.


Perform these steps on the controller node.

  1. In each client environment script, configure the Object Storage service client to use the Identity API version 3:

    $ echo "export OS_AUTH_VERSION=3" \
      | tee -a
  2. Source the demo credentials:

    $ source
  3. Show the service status:

    $ swift stat
                            Account: AUTH_ed0b60bf607743088218b0a533d5943f
                         Containers: 0
                            Objects: 0
                              Bytes: 0
    Containers in policy "policy-0": 0
       Objects in policy "policy-0": 0
         Bytes in policy "policy-0": 0
        X-Account-Project-Domain-Id: default
                        X-Timestamp: 1444143887.71539
                         X-Trans-Id: tx1396aeaf17254e94beb34-0056143bde
                       Content-Type: text/plain; charset=utf-8
                      Accept-Ranges: bytes
  4. Upload a test file:

    $ swift upload container1 FILE

    Replace FILE with the name of a local file to upload to the container1 container.

  5. List containers:

    $ swift list
  6. Download a test file:

    $ swift download container1 FILE
    FILE [auth 0.295s, headers 0.339s, total 0.339s, 0.005 MB/s]

    Replace FILE with the name of the file uploaded to the container1 container.

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