Magnum has a number of configuration options which will be detailed here.

Magnum Config

The magnum configuration file is called magnum.conf.

Magnum Pipeline

The pipeline details are contained in api-paste.ini.

Healthcheck Middleware

This piece of middleware creates an endpoint that allows a load balancer to probe if the API endpoint should be available at the node or not.

The healthcheck middleware should be deployed as a paste application application. Which is located in your api-paste.ini under a section called [app:healthcheck]. It should look like this:

paste.app_factory = oslo_middleware:Healthcheck.app_factory
backends = disable_by_file
disable_by_file_path = /etc/magnum/healthcheck_disable

The main pipeline using this application should look something like this also defined in the api-paste.ini:

paste.composite_factory = magnum.api:root_app_factory
/: api
/healthcheck: healthcheck

If you wish to disable a middleware without taking it out of the pipeline, you can create a file under the file path defined by disable_by_file_path ie. /etc/magnum/healthcheck_disable.

For more information see oslo.middleware.