Install and configure

This section describes how to install and configure the Container Infrastructure Management service, code-named magnum, on the controller node.

This section assumes that you already have a working OpenStack environment with at least the following components installed: Identity service, Image service, Compute service, Networking service, Block Storage service and Orchestration service. See OpenStack Install Guides.

To provide access to Docker Swarm or Kubernetes using the native clients (docker or kubectl, respectively) magnum uses TLS certificates. To store the certificates, it is recommended to use the Key Manager service, code-named barbican, or you can save them in magnum’s database.

Optionally, you can install the following components:


Installation and configuration vary by distribution.


Magnum creates clusters of compute instances on the Compute service (nova). These instances must have basic Internet connectivity and must be able to reach magnum’s API server. Make sure that the Compute and Network services are configured accordingly.