Manual Installation

Begin by installing Horizon following the Horizon Manual Installation Guide and clone Manila UI repository:

git clone

Install Manila UI with all dependencies. From within the horizon folder:

pip install -e ../manila-ui/

And enable it in Horizon.:

cp ../manila-ui/manila_ui/local/enabled/_*.py openstack_dashboard/local/enabled
cp ../manila-ui/manila_ui/local/local_settings.d/_90_manila_*.py openstack_dashboard/local/local_settings.d

Installing Manila UI in RDO

In order to install Manila UI in RDO, please follow the steps below (you may need to use sudo privileges if you are not root):

# yum install -y openstack-manila-ui
# systemctl restart httpd
# systemctl restart memcached

Manila UI will now be available through OpenStack Horizon; look for the Shares tab under Project > Share. You can access Horizon with Manila UI using the same URL and port as before.