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shared filesystems


manila-manage <category> <action> [<args>]


manila-manage controls shared filesystems service. More information about OpenStack Manila is at


The standard pattern for executing a manila-manage command is: manila-manage <category> <command> [<args>]

For example, to obtain a list of all hosts: manila-manage host list

Run without arguments to see a list of available command categories: manila-manage

Categories are shell, logs, service, db, host, version and config. Detailed descriptions are below.

These sections describe the available categories and arguments for manila-manage.

Manila Db

manila-manage db version

Print the current database version.

manila-manage db sync

Sync the database up to the most recent version. This is the standard way to create the db as well.

manila-manage db downgrade <version>

Downgrade database to given version.

manila-manage db stamp <version>

Stamp database with given version.

manila-manage db revision <message> <autogenerate>

Generate new migration.

manila-manage db purge <age_in_days>

Purge deleted rows older than a given age from manila database tables. If age_in_days is not given or is specified as 0 all available rows will be deleted.

Manila Logs

manila-manage logs errors

Displays manila errors from log files.

manila-manage logs syslog <number>

Displays manila alerts from syslog.

Manila Shell

manila-manage shell bpython

Starts a new bpython shell.

manila-manage shell ipython

Starts a new ipython shell.

manila-manage shell python

Starts a new python shell.

manila-manage shell run

Starts a new shell using python.

manila-manage shell script <path/scriptname>

Runs the named script from the specified path with flags set.

Manila Host

manila-manage host list

Returns list of running manila hosts.

Manila Config

manila-manage config list

Returns list of currently set config options and its values.

Manila Service

manila-manage service list

Returns list of manila services.

Manila Version

manila-manage version list

Returns list of versions.


The manila-manage.conf file contains configuration information in the form of python-gflags.


  • Manila is sourced in Launchpad so you can view current bugs at OpenStack Manila