Service Overview

The OpenStack Shared File Systems service (manila) provides file storage to a virtual machine. The Shared File Systems service provides an abstraction for managing and provisioning of file shares. The service also enables management of share types as well as share snapshots if a driver supports them.

The Shared File Systems service consists of the following components:


A WSGI app that authenticates and routes requests to the Shared File Systems service.


A standalone service whose purpose is to process data operations such as copying, share migration or backup.


Schedules and routes requests to the appropriate share service. The scheduler uses configurable filters and weighers to route requests. The Filter Scheduler is the default and enables filters on various attributes of back ends, such as, Capacity, Availability Zone and other capabilities.


Manages back-end devices that provide shared file systems. A manila-share service talks to back-end devices by using share back-end drivers as interfaces. A share driver may operate in one of two modes, with or without handling of share servers. Share servers export file shares via share networks. When share servers are not managed by a driver within the shared file systems service, networking requirements should be handled out of band of the shared file systems service.

Messaging queue

Routes information between the Shared File Systems processes.

For more information, see Configuration Reference Guide.