REST API Version History

This documents the changes made to the REST API with every microversion change. The description for each version should be a verbose one which has enough information to be suitable for use in user documentation.

1.0 (Maximum in Kilo)

The 1.0 Manila API includes all v1 core APIs existing prior to the introduction of microversions. The /v1 URL is used to call 1.0 APIs, and microversions headers sent to this endpoint are ignored.


This is the initial version of the Manila API which supports microversions. The /v2 URL is used to call 2.x APIs.

A user can specify a header in the API request:

X-OpenStack-Manila-API-Version: <version>

where <version> is any valid api version for this API.

If no version is specified then the API will behave as if version 2.0 was requested.

The only API change in version 2.0 is versions, i.e. GET http://localhost:8786/, which now returns information about both 1.0 and 2.x versions and their respective /v1 and /v2 endpoints.

All other 2.0 APIs are functionally identical to version 1.0.


Share create() method doesn’t ignore availability_zone field of provided share.


Snapshots become optional and share payload now has boolean attr ‘snapshot_support’.


Share instances admin API and update of Admin Actions extension.


Consistency groups support. /consistency-groups and /cgsnapshots are implemented. AdminActions ‘os-force_delete and’ ‘os-reset_status’ have been updated for both new resources.


Share Migration admin API.

2.6 (Maximum in Liberty)

Return share_type UUID instead of name in Share API and add share_type_name field.


Rename old extension-like API URLs to core-API-like.


Allow to set share visibility explicitly using “manage” API.


Add export locations API. Remove export locations from “shares” and “share instances” APIs.


Field ‘access_rules_status’ was added to shares and share instances.


Share Replication support added. All Share replication APIs are tagged ‘Experimental’. Share APIs return two new attributes: ‘has_replicas’ and ‘replication_type’. Share instance APIs return a new attribute, ‘replica_state’.


Share snapshot manage and unmanage API.


Add ‘cephx’ authentication type for the CephFS Native driver.


Added attribute ‘preferred’ to export locations. Drivers may use this field to identify which export locations are most efficient and should be used preferentially by clients. Also, change ‘uuid’ field to ‘id’, move timestamps to detail view, and return all non-admin fields to users.

2.15 (Maximum in Mitaka)

Added Share migration ‘migration_cancel’, ‘migration_get_progress’, ‘migration_complete’ APIs, renamed ‘migrate_share’ to ‘migration_start’ and added notify parameter to ‘migration_start’.


Add user_id in share show/create/manage API.


Added user_id and project_id in snapshot show/create/manage APIs.


Add gateway in share network show API.


Add admin APIs(list/show/detail/reset-status) of snapshot instances.


Add MTU in share network show API.


Add access_key in access_list API.

2.22 (Maximum in Newton)

Updated migration_start API with ‘preserve_metadata’, ‘writable’, ‘nondisruptive’ and ‘new_share_network_id’ parameters, renamed ‘force_host_copy’ to ‘force_host_assisted_migration’, removed ‘notify’ parameter and removed previous migrate_share API support. Updated reset_task_state API to accept ‘None’ value.


Added share_type to filter results of scheduler-stats/pools API.


Added optional create_share_from_snapshot_support extra spec. Made snapshot_support extra spec optional.


Added quota-show detail API.


Removed nova-net plugin support and removed ‘nova_net_id’ parameter from share_network API.


Added share revert to snapshot. This API reverts a share to the specified snapshot. The share is reverted in place, and the snapshot must be the most recent one known to manila. The feature is controlled by a new standard optional extra spec, revert_to_snapshot_support.


Added transitional states (‘queued_to_apply’ - was previously ‘new’, ‘queued_to_deny’, ‘applying’ and ‘denying’) to access rules. ‘updating’, ‘updating_multiple’ and ‘out_of_sync’ are no longer valid values for the ‘access_rules_status’ field of shares, they have been collapsed into the transitional state ‘syncing’. Access rule changes can be made independent of a share’s ‘access_rules_status’.


Updated migration_start API adding mandatory parameter ‘preserve_snapshots’ and changed ‘preserve_metadata’, ‘writable’, ‘nondisruptive’ to be mandatory as well. All previous migration_start APIs prior to this microversion are now unsupported.


Added cast_rules_to_readonly field to share_instances.


Convert consistency groups to share groups.

2.32 (Maximum in Ocata)

Added mountable snapshots APIs.


Added created_at and updated_at in access_list API.


Added ‘availability_zone_id’ and ‘consistent_snapshot_support’ fields to ‘share_group’ object.


Added support to retrieve shares filtered by export_location_id and export_location_path.


Added like filter support in shares, snapshots, share-networks, share-groups list APIs.


Added /messages APIs.


Support IPv6 format validation in allow_access API to enable IPv6.


Added share-type quotas.

2.40 (Maximum in Pike)

Added share group and share group snapshot quotas.


Added ‘description’ in share type create/list APIs.

2.42 (Maximum in Queens)

Added with_count in share list API to get total count info.


Added filter search by extra spec for share type list.


Added ‘ou’ field to ‘security_service’ object.


Added access metadata for share access and also introduced the GET /share-access-rules API. The prior API to retrieve access rules will not work with API version >=2.45.

2.46 (Maximum in Rocky)

Added ‘is_default’ field to ‘share_type’ and ‘share_group_type’ objects.


Export locations for non-active share replicas are no longer retrievable through the export locations APIs: GET /v2/{tenant_id}/shares/{share_id}/export_locations and GET /v2/{tenant_id}/shares/{share_id}/export_locations/{export_location_id}. A new API is introduced at this version: GET /v2/{tenant_id}/share-replicas/{replica_id}/export-locations to allow retrieving export locations of share replicas if available.


Administrators can now use the common, user-visible extra-spec ‘availability_zones’ within share types to allow provisioning of shares only within specific availability zones. The extra-spec allows using comma separated names of one or more availability zones.

2.49 (Maximum in Stein)

Added Manage/Unmanage Share Server APIs. Updated Manage/Unmanage Shares and Snapshots APIs to work in driver_handles_shares_servers enabled mode.


Added update share type API to Share Type APIs. We can update the name, description and/or share_type_access:is_public fields of the share type by the update share type API.

2.51 (Maximum in Train)

Added to the service the possibility to have multiple subnets per share network, each of them associated to a different AZ. It is also possible to configure a default subnet that spans all availability zones.


Added ‘created_before’ and ‘created_since’ field to list messages api, support querying user messages within the specified time period.


Added quota control for share replicas and replica gigabytes.


Share and share instance objects include a new field called “progress” which indicates the completion of a share creation operation as a percentage.

2.55 (Maximum in Ussuri)

Share groups feature is no longer considered experimental.


Share replication feature is no longer considered experimental.

2.57 (Maximum in Victoria)

Added share server migration feature. A two-phase approach that migrates a share server and all its resources to a new host.


Added ‘share_groups’ and ‘share_group_snapshots’ to the limits view.


Added ‘details’ field to migration get progress api, which optionally may hold additional driver data related to the progress of share migration.


API URLs no longer need a “project_id” argument in them. For example, the API route: https://$(controller)s/share/v2/$(project_id)s/shares is equivalent to https://$(controller)s/share/v2/shares. When interacting with the manila service as system or domain scoped users, project_id should not be specified in the API path.


Ability to add minimum and maximum share size restrictions which can be set on a per share-type granularity. Added new extra specs ‘provisioning:max_share_size’ and ‘provisioning:min_share_size’.


Added quota control to per share size.

2.63 (Maximum in Wallaby)

Added the possibility to attach security services to share networks in use. Also, an attached security service can be replaced for another one of the same ‘type’. In order to support those operations a ‘status’ field was added in the share networks as well as, a new property called ‘security_service_update_support’ was included in the share networks and share servers. Also new action APIs have been added to the share-networks endpoint: ‘update_security_service’, ‘update_security_service_check’ and ‘add_security_service_check’.


Added ‘force’ field to extend share api, which can extend share directly without go through share scheduler.

2.65 (Maximum in Xena)

Added ability to specify “scheduler_hints” in the request body of the POST /shares request. These hints will invoke Affinity/Anti-Affinity scheduler filters during share creation and share migration.


Added filter search by group spec for share group type list.


Added support for ‘only_host’ key in “scheduler_hints” in the request body of the POST/shares and POST/share-replicas request. This hint will invoke ‘OnlyHost’ scheduler filter during share and share-replica creation.


Added admin only capabilities to share metadata API.


Manila support Recycle Bin. Soft delete share to Recycle Bin: POST /v2/shares/{share_id}/action  {"soft_delete": null}. List shares in Recycle Bin: `` GET /v2/shares?is_soft_deleted=true``. Restore share from Recycle Bin: `` POST /v2/shares/{share_id}/action {‘restore’: null}``.

2.70 (Maximum in Yoga)

Added support to configure multiple subnets for a given share network in the same availability zone (or the default one). Users can also add new subnets for an in-use share network. To distinguish this update support a new property called ‘network_allocation_update_support’ was added in the share network and share server.


Added ‘updated_at’ field in share instance show API output.


Added ‘share_network’ option to share replica create API.

2.73 (Maximum in Zed)

Added Metadata API methods (GET, PUT, POST, DELETE) to Share Snapshots


Allow/deny share access rule even if share replicas are in ‘error’ state.


Added option to specify quiesce wait time in share replica promote API.


Added ‘default_ad_site’ field in security service object.


Added support for share transfer between different projects.

2.78 (Maximum in 2023.1/Antelope)

Added Metadata API methods (GET, PUT, POST, DELETE) to Share Network Subnets.


Added with_count in share snapshot list API to get total count info.


Added share backup APIs.


Introduce resource locks as a way users can restrict certain actions on resources. Only share deletion can be prevented at this version.

2.82 (Maximum in 2023.2/Bobcat)

Introduce the ability to lock access rules and restrict the visibility of sensitive fields.


The disabled_reason field was added to the service to mark the reason why the user disabled the service. disabled field will be replaced by status field.


Added optional mount_point_name field to share.


Added backup_type field to share backup object.