Project hosting with Launchpad

Launchpad hosts the manila project. The manila project homepage on Launchpad is

Launchpad credentials

Creating a login on Launchpad is important even if you don’t use the Launchpad site itself, since Launchpad credentials are used for logging in on several OpenStack-related sites. These sites include:

Mailing list

The mailing list email is This is a common mailing list across the OpenStack projects. To participate in the mailing list:

  1. Join the Manila Team on Launchpad.

  2. Subscribe to the list on the OpenStack Team page on Launchpad.

The mailing list archives are at

Bug tracking

Report manila bugs at

Feature requests (Blueprints)

Manila uses Launchpad Blueprints to track feature requests. Blueprints are at

Technical support (Answers)

Manila uses Launchpad Answers to track manila technical support questions. The manila Answers page is at

Note that the OpenStack Forums (which are not hosted on Launchpad) can also be used for technical support requests.