API Endpoint

API Endpoint

Manila has a system for managing multiple APIs on different subdomains. Currently there is support for the OpenStack API.

Common Components

The manila.api Module

root_app_factory(loader, global_conf, **local_conf)

The manila.api.v1 Module

root_app_factory(loader, global_conf, **local_conf)

The manila.api.contrib Module

root_app_factory(loader, global_conf, **local_conf)

OpenStack API

The openstack Module

WSGI middleware for OpenStack API controllers.

class APIMapper(controller_scan=<function controller_scan>, directory=None, always_scan=False, register=True, explicit=True)

Bases: routes.mapper.Mapper

routematch(url=None, environ=None)
class APIRouter(ext_mgr=None)

Bases: manila.wsgi.Router

Routes requests on the API to the appropriate controller and method.

ExtensionManager = None
classmethod factory(global_config, **local_config)

Simple paste factory, manila.wsgi.Router doesn’t have.

class FaultWrapper(application)

Bases: manila.wsgi.Middleware

class ProjectMapper(controller_scan=<function controller_scan>, directory=None, always_scan=False, register=True, explicit=True)

Bases: manila.api.openstack.APIMapper

resource(member_name, collection_name, **kwargs)


The api Module

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