MapRFS native driver

MapR-FS native driver is a plug-in based on the Shared File Systems service and provides high-throughput access to the data on MapR-FS distributed file system, which is designed to hold very large amounts of data.

A Shared File Systems service share in this driver is a volume in MapR-FS. Instances talk directly to the MapR-FS storage backend via the (mapr-posix) client. To mount a MapR-FS volume, the MapR POSIX client is required. Access to each share is allowed by user and group based access type, which is aligned with MapR-FS ACEs to support access control for multiple users and groups. If user name and group name are the same, the group access type will be used by default.

For more details, see MapR documentation.

Network configuration

The storage backend and Shared File Systems service hosts should be in a flat network. Otherwise, the L3 connectivity between them should exist.

Supported shared filesystems and operations

The driver supports MapR-FS shares.

The following operations are supported:

  • Create MapR-FS share.

  • Delete MapR-FS share.

  • Allow MapR-FS Share access.

    • Only support user and group access type.

    • Support level of access (ro/rw).

  • Deny MapR-FS Share access.

  • Update MapR-FS Share access.

  • Create snapshot.

  • Delete snapshot.

  • Create share from snapshot.

  • Extend share.

  • Shrink share.

  • Manage share.

  • Unmanage share.

  • Manage snapshot.

  • Unmanage snapshot.

  • Ensure share.


  • Install MapR core packages, version >= 5.2.x, on the storage backend.

  • To enable snapshots, the MapR cluster should have at least M5 license.

  • Establish network connection between the Shared File Systems service hosts and storage backend.

  • Obtain a ticket for user who will be used to access MapR-FS.

Back end configuration (manila.conf)

Add MapR-FS protocol to enabled_share_protocols:

enabled_share_protocols = MAPRFS

Create a section for MapR-FS backend. Example:

driver_handles_share_servers = False
share_driver =
maprfs_clinode_ip = example
maprfs_ssh_name = mapr
maprfs_ssh_pw = mapr
share_backend_name = maprfs

Set driver-handles-share-servers to False as the driver does not manage the lifecycle of share-servers.

Add driver backend to enabled_share_backends:

enabled_share_backends = maprfs

Driver options

The following table contains the configuration options specific to this driver.

Description of MapRFS share driver configuration options

Configuration option = Default value



maprfs_base_volume_dir = /

(String) Path in MapRFS where share volumes must be created.

maprfs_cldb_ip = None

(List) The list of IPs or hostnames of CLDB nodes.

maprfs_clinode_ip = None

(List) The list of IPs or hostnames of nodes where mapr-core is installed.

maprfs_rename_managed_volume = True

(Boolean) Specify whether existing volume should be renamed when start managing.

maprfs_ssh_name = mapr

(String) Cluster admin user ssh login name.

maprfs_ssh_port = 22

(Port number) CLDB node SSH port.

maprfs_ssh_private_key = None

(String) Path to SSH private key for login.

maprfs_ssh_pw = None

(String) Cluster node SSH login password, This parameter is not necessary, if ‘maprfs_ssh_private_key’ is configured.

maprfs_zookeeper_ip = None

(List) The list of IPs or hostnames of ZooKeeper nodes.

Known restrictions

This driver does not handle user authentication, no tickets or users are created by this driver. This means that when ‘access_allow’ or ‘update_access’ is calling, this will have no effect without providing tickets to users.

Share metadata

MapR-FS shares can be created by specifying additional options. Metadata is used for this purpose. Every metadata option with - prefix is passed to MapR-FS volume. For example, to specify advisory volume quota add _advisoryquota=10G option to metadata:

$ manila create MAPRFS 1 --metadata _advisoryquota=10G

If you need to create a share with your custom backend name or export location instead if uuid, you can specify _name and _path options:

$ manila create MAPRFS 1 --metadata _name=example _path=/example


Specifying invalid options will cause an error.

The list of allowed options depends on mapr-core version. See volume create for more information.