Development Quickstart

This page describes how to setup and use a working Python development environment that can be used in developing masakari on Ubuntu. These instructions assume you’re already familiar with git.

Following these instructions will allow you to build the documentation and run the masakari unit tests.


For how to contribute to Masakari, refer:

Masakari uses the Gerrit code review system, refer:


There are two ways to create a development environment: using DevStack, or explicitly installing and cloning just what you need.

Using DevStack

To enable Masakari in DevStack, perform the following steps:

Download DevStack

export DEVSTACK_DIR=~/devstack
git clone $DEVSTACK_DIR

Enable the Masakari plugin

Enable the plugin by adding the following section to $DEVSTACK_DIR/local.conf

enable_plugin masakari

Optionally, a git refspec (branch or tag or commit) may be provided as follows:

enable_plugin masakari <refspec>

Run the DevStack utility


Explicit Install/Clone

DevStack installs a complete OpenStack environment. Alternatively, to clone and install Masakari explicitly refer: Install and configure for Ubuntu

Building the Documentation

For a full documentation build, issue the following command from the masakari directory

tox -e docs

That will create a Python virtual environment, install the needed Python prerequisites in that environment, and build all the documentation in that environment.

Running unit tests

See Running Python Unit Tests