metalsmith.exceptions module

exception metalsmith.exceptions.CapabilitiesNotFound(message, capabilities)

Bases: ReservationFailed

Requested capabilities do not match any nodes.


requested_capabilities – Requested node’s capabilities.

exception metalsmith.exceptions.CustomPredicateFailed(message, nodes)

Bases: ReservationFailed

Custom predicate yielded no nodes.


nodes – List of nodes that were checked.

exception metalsmith.exceptions.DeploymentFailed

Bases: Error

Deployment failed.


alias of DeploymentFailed

exception metalsmith.exceptions.DeploymentTimeout

Bases: DeploymentFailed

Timeout during deployment.

exception metalsmith.exceptions.Error

Bases: Exception

Base class for Metalsmith errors.

exception metalsmith.exceptions.InstanceNotFound

Bases: Error

Instance not found or node doesn’t have an instance associated.

exception metalsmith.exceptions.InvalidImage

Bases: Error

Requested image is invalid and cannot be used.


alias of InstanceNotFound

exception metalsmith.exceptions.InvalidNIC

Bases: Error

Requested NIC is invalid and cannot be used.

exception metalsmith.exceptions.InvalidNode

Bases: Error

This node cannot be deployed onto.

exception metalsmith.exceptions.NetworkResourceNotFound

Bases: Error

Network resource, port, network, subnet not found

exception metalsmith.exceptions.NodesNotFound(resource_class, conductor_group)

Bases: ReservationFailed

Initial nodes lookup returned an empty list.

  • requested_resource_class – Requested resource class.

  • requested_conductor_group – Requested conductor group to pick nodes from.

exception metalsmith.exceptions.ReservationFailed

Bases: Error

Failed to reserve a suitable node.

This is the base class for all reservation failures.

exception metalsmith.exceptions.UnknownRootDiskSize

Bases: Error

Cannot determine the root disk size.