Nimble Storage volume driver

Nimble Storage volume driver

Nimble Storage fully integrates with the OpenStack platform through the Nimble Cinder driver, allowing a host to configure and manage Nimble Storage array features through Block Storage interfaces.

Support for the Liberty release is available from Nimble OS 2.3.8 or later.

Supported operations

  • Create, delete, clone, attach, and detach volumes
  • Create and delete volume snapshots
  • Create a volume from a snapshot
  • Copy an image to a volume
  • Copy a volume to an image
  • Extend a volume
  • Get volume statistics
  • Manage and unmanage a volume
  • Enable encryption and default performance policy for a volume-type extra-specs
  • Force backup of an in-use volume.


The Nimble Storage implementation uses iSCSI only. Fibre Channel is not supported.

Nimble Storage driver configuration

Update the file /etc/cinder/cinder.conf with the given configuration.

In case of a basic (single back-end) configuration, add the parameters within the [default] section as follows.

san_login = NIMBLE_USER
san_password = NIMBLE_PASSWORD
volume_driver = cinder.volume.drivers.nimble.NimbleISCSIDriver

In case of multiple back-end configuration, for example, configuration which supports multiple Nimble Storage arrays or a single Nimble Storage array with arrays from other vendors, use the following parameters.

enabled_backends = Nimble-Cinder

san_login = NIMBLE_USER
san_password = NIMBLE_PASSWORD
volume_driver = cinder.volume.drivers.nimble.NimbleISCSIDriver
volume_backend_name = NIMBLE_BACKEND_NAME

In case of multiple back-end configuration, Nimble Storage volume type is created and associated with a back-end name as follows.


Single back-end configuration users do not need to create the volume type.

$ cinder type-create NIMBLE_VOLUME_TYPE
$ cinder type-key NIMBLE_VOLUME_TYPE set volume_backend_name=NIMBLE_BACKEND_NAME

This section explains the variables used above:

Management IP address of Nimble Storage array/group.
Nimble Storage account login with minimum power user (admin) privilege if RBAC is used.
Password of the admin account for nimble array.
A volume back-end name which is specified in the cinder.conf file. This is also used while assigning a back-end name to the Nimble volume type.

The Nimble volume-type which is created from the CLI and associated with NIMBLE_BACKEND_NAME.


Restart the cinder-api, cinder-scheduler, and cinder-volume services after updating the cinder.conf file.

Nimble driver extra spec options

The Nimble volume driver also supports the following extra spec options:

Used to enable encryption for a volume-type.
PERF_POL_NAME is the name of a performance policy which exists on the Nimble array and should be enabled for every volume in a volume type.
Used to enable multi-initiator access for a volume-type.

These extra-specs can be enabled by using the following command:

$ cinder type-key VOLUME_TYPE set KEY=VALUE

VOLUME_TYPE is the Nimble volume type and KEY and VALUE are the options mentioned above.

Configuration options

The Nimble storage driver supports these configuration options:

Description of Nimble driver configuration options
Configuration option = Default value Description
nimble_pool_name = default (String) Nimble Controller pool name
nimble_subnet_label = * (String) Nimble Subnet Label
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