Tintri VMstore is a smart storage that sees, learns, and adapts for cloud and virtualization. The Tintri Block Storage driver interacts with configured VMstore running Tintri OS 4.0 and above. It supports various operations using Tintri REST APIs and NFS protocol.

To configure the use of a Tintri VMstore with Block Storage, perform the following actions:

  1. Edit the etc/cinder/cinder.conf file and set the cinder.volume.drivers.tintri options:

    # Mount options passed to the nfs client. See section of the
    # nfs man page for details. (string value)
    nfs_mount_options = vers=3,lookupcache=pos
    # Options defined in cinder.volume.drivers.tintri
    # The hostname (or IP address) for the storage system (string
    # value)
    tintri_server_hostname = {Tintri VMstore Management IP}
    # User name for the storage system (string value)
    tintri_server_username = {username}
    # Password for the storage system (string value)
    tintri_server_password = {password}
    # API version for the storage system (string value)
    # tintri_api_version = v310
    # Following options needed for NFS configuration
    # File with the list of available nfs shares (string value)
    # nfs_shares_config = /etc/cinder/nfs_shares
    # Tintri driver will clean up unused image snapshots. With the following
    # option, users can configure how long unused image snapshots are
    # retained. Default retention policy is 30 days
    # tintri_image_cache_expiry_days = 30
    # Path to NFS shares file storing images.
    # Users can store Glance images in the NFS share of the same VMstore
    # mentioned in the following file. These images need to have additional
    # metadata ``provider_location`` configured in Glance, which should point
    # to the NFS share path of the image.
    # This option will enable Tintri driver to directly clone from Glance
    # image stored on same VMstore (rather than downloading image
    # from Glance)
    # tintri_image_shares_config = <Path to image NFS share>
    # For example:
    # Glance image metadata
    # provider_location =>
    # nfs://<data_ip>/tintri/glance/84829294-c48b-4e16-a878-8b2581efd505
  2. Edit the /etc/nova/nova.conf file and set the nfs_mount_options:

    nfs_mount_options = vers=3
  3. Edit the /etc/cinder/nfs_shares file and add the Tintri VMstore mount points associated with the configured VMstore management IP in the cinder.conf file:

Description of Tintri volume driver configuration options
Configuration option = Default value Description
tintri_api_version = v310 (String) API version for the storage system
tintri_image_cache_expiry_days = 30 (Integer) Delete unused image snapshots older than mentioned days
tintri_image_shares_config = None (String) Path to image nfs shares file
tintri_server_hostname = None (String) The hostname (or IP address) for the storage system
tintri_server_password = None (String) Password for the storage system
tintri_server_username = None (String) User name for the storage system
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