Compute log files

Compute log files

The corresponding log file of each Compute service is stored in the /var/log/nova/ directory of the host on which each service runs.

Log files used by Compute services
Log file Service name (CentOS/Fedora/openSUSE/Red Hat Enterprise Linux/SUSE Linux Enterprise) Service name (Ubuntu/Debian)
nova-api.log openstack-nova-api nova-api
nova-cert.log [1] openstack-nova-cert nova-cert
nova-compute.log openstack-nova-compute nova-compute
nova-conductor.log openstack-nova-conductor nova-conductor
nova-consoleauth.log openstack-nova-consoleauth nova-consoleauth
nova-network.log [2] openstack-nova-network nova-network
nova-manage.log nova-manage nova-manage
nova-scheduler.log openstack-nova-scheduler nova-scheduler


[1]The X509 certificate service (openstack-nova-cert/nova-cert) is only required by the EC2 API to the Compute service.
[2]The nova network service (openstack-nova-network/ nova-network) only runs in deployments that are not configured to use the Networking service (neutron).
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