Auditing with CADF

Auditing with CADF

The Identity service uses the PyCADF library to emit CADF (Cloud Auditing Data Federation) notifications. These events adhere to the DMTF (Distributed Management Task Force) CADF specification. The DMTF standard provides auditing capabilities for compliance with security, operational, and business processes and supports normalized and categorized event data for federation and aggregation.

CADF notifications include additional context data around the resource, the action, and the initiator.

CADF notifications may be emitted by changing the notification_format to cadf in the configuration file.

The payload portion of a CADF notification is a CADF event, which is represented as a JSON dictionary. For example:

    "typeURI": "",
    "initiator": {
        "typeURI": "service/security/account/user",
        "host": {
            "agent": "curl/7.22.0(x86_64-pc-linux-gnu)",
            "address": ""
        "id": "<initiator_id>"
    "target": {
        "typeURI": "<target_uri>",
        "id": "openstack:1c2fc591-facb-4479-a327-520dade1ea15"
    "observer": {
        "typeURI": "service/security",
        "id": "openstack:3d4a50a9-2b59-438b-bf19-c231f9c7625a"
    "eventType": "activity",
    "eventTime": "2014-02-14T01:20:47.932842+00:00",
    "action": "<action>",
    "outcome": "success",
    "id": "openstack:f5352d7b-bee6-4c22-8213-450e7b646e9f",

Where the following are defined:

  • <initiator_id>: ID of the user that performed the operation
  • <target_uri>: CADF specific target URI, (for example: data/security/project)
  • <action>: The action being performed, typically: <operation>. <resource_type>

Additionally there may be extra keys present depending on the operation being performed, these will be discussed below.


The eventType property of the CADF payload is different from the event_type property of a notification. eventType is a CADF keyword which designates the type of event that is being measured: activity, monitor or control. Whereas event_type is described in previous sections as identity.<resource_type>.<operation>.

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