Quobyte Driver

Quobyte Driver

Quobyte can be used as a storage back end for the OpenStack Shared File System service. Shares in the Shared File System service are mapped 1:1 to Quobyte volumes. Access is provided via NFS protocol and IP-based authentication. The Quobyte driver uses the Quobyte API service.

Supported shared filesystems and operations

The drivers supports NFS shares.

The following operations are supported:

  • Create a share.

  • Delete a share.

  • Allow share access.

    Note the following limitations:

    • Only IP access type is supported.
  • Deny share access.

Driver options

The following table contains the configuration options specific to the share driver.

Description of Quobyte Share Driver configuration options
Configuration option = Default value Description
quobyte_api_ca = None (String) The X.509 CA file to verify the server cert.
quobyte_api_password = quobyte (String) Password for Quobyte API server
quobyte_api_url = None (String) URL of the Quobyte API server (http or https)
quobyte_api_username = admin (String) Username for Quobyte API server.
quobyte_default_volume_group = root (String) Default owning group for new volumes.
quobyte_default_volume_user = root (String) Default owning user for new volumes.
quobyte_delete_shares = False (Boolean) Actually deletes shares (vs. unexport)
quobyte_volume_configuration = BASE (String) Name of volume configuration used for new shares.


To configure Quobyte access for the Shared File System service, a back end configuration section has to be added in the manila.conf file. Add the name of the configuration section to enabled_share_backends in the manila.conf file. For example, if the section is named Quobyte:

enabled_share_backends = Quobyte

Create the new back end configuration section, in this case named Quobyte:


share_driver = manila.share.drivers.quobyte.quobyte.QuobyteShareDriver
share_backend_name = QUOBYTE
quobyte_api_url = http://api.myserver.com:1234/
quobyte_delete_shares = False
quobyte_volume_configuration = BASE
quobyte_default_volume_user = myuser
quobyte_default_volume_group = mygroup

The section name must match the name used in the enabled_share_backends option described above. The share_driver setting is required as shown, the other options should be set according to your local Quobyte setup.

Other security-related options are:

quobyte_api_ca = /path/to/API/server/verification/certificate
quobyte_api_username = api_user
quobyte_api_password = api_user_pwd

Quobyte support can be found at the Quobyte support webpage.

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