Using Glare as a storage for packages

DevStack installation

  1. Enable Glare service in DevStack

    To enable the Glare service in DevStack, edit the local.conf file:

    $ cat local.conf
    enable_service g-glare
  2. Run DevStack:

    $ ./

    Result Glare service is installed with DevStack. You can find logs in g-glare screen session.

  3. Install the muranoartifact plug-in from murano/contrib

    $ cd $DEST/murano/contrib/glance/
    $ sudo pip install -e .
  4. Restart Glare

  5. Set Glare as packages service in murano-engine. For this, edit the [engine] section in the murano.conf file. By default, murano.conf is located in the /etc/murano directory

    packages_service = glare
  6. Restart murano-engine


    You also can use glance as a value of the packages_service option for the same behaviour

  7. Enable Glare in murano-dashboard. For this, modify the following line in the file


    By default, the file is located in $HORIZON_DIR/openstack_dashboard/local/local_settings.d/.

  8. Restart the apache2 service. Now murano-dashboard will retrieve packages from Glare.

  9. Log in to Dashboard and navigate to Applications > Manage > Packages to view the empty list of packages. Alternatively, use the murano command.

  10. Use --murano-packages-service option to specify backend, used by murano command. Set it to glare for using Glare


    You also can use glance as value of --murano-packages-service option or environment variable MURANO_PACKAGES_SERVICE for same behaviour

    • View list of packages:

      $ . {DEVSTACK_SOURCE_DIR}/openrc admin admin
      $ murano --murano-packages-service=glare  package-list
      | ID | Name | FQN | Author | Active | Is Public | Type | Version |
    • Importing Core library

      $ cd $DEST/murano/meta/io.murano/
      $ zip -r *
      $ murano --murano-packages-service=glare  package-import \
          --is-public /opt/stack/murano/meta/io.murano/
      Importing package io.murano
      | ID                                   | Name         | FQN       | Author    | Active | Is Public | Type    | Version |
      | 91a9c78f-f23a-4c82-aeda-14c8cbef096a | Core library | io.murano | | True   |           | Library | 0.0.0   |

Set up Glare API entrypoint manually

If you do not plan to get Glare service from keystone application catalog, specify where g-glare service is running.

  1. Specify Glare URL in murano.conf.It is by default and can be changed by setting bind_host and bind_port options in the glance-glare.conf file.

    url = http://<GLARE_API_URL>:<GLARE_API_PORT>
  2. Specify Glare URL in the Dashboard settings file, :

  3. Set the GLARE_URL environment variable for python-muranoclient. Alternatively, use the --glare-url option in CLI.

    $ murano --murano-packages-service=glare --glare-url=  package-list