Network Configuration

Murano may work in various networking environments and is capable of detecting the current network configuration and choosing the appropriate settings automatically. However, some additional actions are required to support advanced scenarios.

Nova network support

Nova Network is the simplest networking solution, which has limited capabilities but is available on any OpenStack deployment without the need to deploy any additional components. For more information about Nova Network, see

When a new Murano Environment is created, Murano checks if a dedicated networking service (i.e. Neutron) exists in the current OpenStack deployment. It relies on Keystone’s service catalog for that. If such a service is not present, Murano automatically falls back to Nova Network. No further configuration is needed in this case; all the VMs spawned by Murano will join the same network.

Neutron support

If Neutron is installed, Murano enables its advanced networking features that give you the ability to not care about configuring networks for your application.

By default, Murano will create an isolated network for each environment and attach all VMs needed by your application to that network. To install and configure applications in just-spawned virtual machines, Murano also requires a router connected to the external network.

Automatic Neutron network configuration

To create a router automatically, provide the following parameters in the config file:


external_network = %EXTERNAL_NETWORK_NAME%
router_name = %MURANO_ROUTER_NAME%
create_router = true