Development guidelines


High-level overview of Murano components

Coding guidelines

There are several significant rules for the Murano developer:

  • Follow PEP8 and OpenStack style guidelines.

  • Do not import functions. Only module imports are accepted.

  • Make commits as small as possible. It speeds up review of the change.

  • Six library usage rule: use it only when really necessary (for example if existing code will not work in python 3 at all).

  • Mark application name in the 1st line of commit message for murano-apps repository, i.e. [Apache] or [Kubernetes].

  • Prefer code readability over performance unless the situations when performance penalty can be proven to be big.

  • Write Py3-compatible code. If that’s impossible leave comment.

Rules for MuranoPL coding style:

  • Use camelCase for MuranoPL functions/namespaces/variables/properties, PascalCase for class names.

  • Consider using $this instead of $ where appropriate.

Debug tips