Upload image into glance

Upload image into glance

To deploy applications with murano, virtual machine images should be uploaded into glance in a special way - murano_image_info property should be set.

  1. Use the OpenStack client image create command to import your disk image to glance:
openstack image create --public \
> --disk-format qcow2 --container-format bare \
> --file <IMAGE_FILE> --property <IMAGE_METADATA> <NAME>

Replace the command line arguments to openstack image create with the appropriate values for your environment and disk image:

  • Replace <IMAGE_FILE> with the local path to the image file to upload. E.g. ws-2012-std.qcow2.
  • Replace <IMAGE_METADATA> with the following property string
  • Replace <NAME> with the name that users will refer to the disk image by. E.g. ws-2012-std
murano_image_info='{"title": "Windows 2012 Standard Edition", "type": "windows.2012"}'


  • title - user-friendly description of the image
  • type - murano image type, see Murano image types
  1. To update metadata of the existing image run the command:
openstack image set --property <IMAGE_MATADATA> <IMAGE_ID>
  • Replace <IMAGE_METADATA> with murano_image_info property, e.g.
  • Replace <IMAGE_ID> with image id from the previous command output.
murano_image_info='{"title": "Windows 2012 Standard Edition", "type": "windows.2012"}'


The value of the –property argument (named murano_image_info) is a JSON string. Only double quotes are valid in JSON, so please type the string exactly as in the example above.


Existing images could be marked in a simple way in the horizon UI with the murano dashboard installed. Navigate to Applications -> Manage -> Images -> Mark Image and fill up a form:

  • Image - ws-2012-std
  • Title - My Prepared Image
  • Type - Windows Server 2012

After these steps desired image can be chosen in application creation wizard.

Murano image types

Type Name Description
windows.2012 Windows Server 2012
linux Generic Linux images, Ubuntu / Debian, RedHat / Centos, etc
cirros.demo Murano demo image, based on CirrOS
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