This document provides some necessary points for developers to consider when writing and reviewing networking-baremetal code.

Getting Started

If you’re completely new to OpenStack and want to contribute to the networking-baremetal project, please start by familiarizing yourself with the Infra Team’s Developer Guide. This will help you get your accounts set up in Launchpad and Gerrit, familiarize you with the workflow for the OpenStack continuous integration and testing systems, and help you with your first commit.

LaunchPad Project

Most of the tools used for OpenStack require a ID for authentication.

Project Hosting Details

Bug tracker

Mailing list (prefix Subject line with [ironic][networking-baremetal])

Code Hosting

Code Review,n,z

Developer quick-starts

These are quick walk throughs to get you started developing code for networking-baremetal. These assume you are already familiar with submitting code reviews to an OpenStack project.

Full networking-baremetal python API reference