This API is documented in the Neutron API Reference.





This feature is under development in the Queens release

VXLAN is one option among others that could be used for BGP E-VPNs. When VXLAN is used on a hardware platform the use of a locally-assigned id may not be always possible which introduces the need to configure a globally-assigned VXLAN VNI.

The optional vni attribute is an admin-only parameter and allows the admin to enforce the use of a chosen globally-assigned VXLAN VNI for the said BGPVPN.

The default when no VNI is specified and the VXLAN encapsulation is used, is to let the backend choose the VNI in advertised routes, and use the VNI in received routes for transmitted traffic. The backend will conform to E-VPN overlay specs.

If the vni attribute is set for a BGPVPN, the following is enforced:

  • the routes announced by the backend will advertise the specified VNI (this relates to traffic sent from this BGP VPN to a Network or Router)

  • for the routes received by the backend for this BGPVPN, and that carry a different VNI that the VNI specified for the BGPVPN the behavior may depend on the backend, with the recommended behavior being to liberally accept such routes.

If a backend does not support the approach recommended above of liberally accepting routes with a different VNI, the check can be implemented as follows:

  • when a route is imported, for each BGPVPN associated to the Network or Router and having a VNI defined:

    • the set of Route Targets of the route is intersected with the import_rts of the BGPVPN

    • if this intersection is non-empty the vni of the BGPVPN is retained

  • the route is used to establish connectivity to the destination in the forwarding plane only if the advertised VNI is equal to all retained VNIs in the previous step

The above check is applied similarly for a Router associated to multiple BGP VPN.

The backend is expected to provide troubleshooting information for the cases when a route ends up not being used because the VNI check failed.

Valid range for the vni attribute is [1, 224-1].