OpenDaylight driver

The OpenDaylight driver for the BGPVPN service plugin is designed to work jointly with the OpenDaylight SDN controller.

OpenDaylight driver requires networking-odl plugin which comes with its own devstack scripts. Details on how to configure devstack for OpenDaylight plugin can be found at networking-odl/devstack.


The legacy BGPVPN v1 driver for ODL that was hosted in networking-bgpvpn tree ( has been deprecated in Rocky OpenStack release, and removed in Stein OpenStack release. The documentation below refers to the newer v2 driver in the networking-odl project.

  • add the following to local.conf to enable networking-odl plugin:

    enable_plugin networking-odl
  • add the following to local.conf to enable ODL Driver for BGPVPN service Plugin:

  • Run