Journal Maintenance


The V2 ODL driver is Journal based 1, which means that there’s a journal of entries detailing the various operations done on a Neutron resource. The driver has a thread which is in charge of processing the journal of operations which entails communicating the operation forward to the ODL controller.

The journal entries can wind up in several states due to various reasons:

  • PROCESSING - Stale lock left by a thread due to thread dying or other error

  • COMPLETED - After the operation is processed successfully

  • FAILED - If there was an unexpected error during the operation

These journal entries need to be dealt with appropriately, hence a maintenance thread was introduced that takes care of journal maintenance and other related tasks. This thread runs in a configurable interval and is HA safe using a shared state kept in the DB.

Currently the maintenance thread performs:

  • Stale lock release

  • Completed entries clean up

  • Failed entries are handled by the recovery mechanism

  • Full sync detect when ODL is “tabula rasa” and syncs all the resources to it

Creating New Maintenance Operations

Creating a new maintenance operation is as simple as writing a function that receives the database session object and registering it using a call to:


The best place to do so would be at the _start_maintenance_thread method of the V2 OpenDaylightMechanismDriver class.


See V2 Driver Design for details.