Networking-sfc / OVN Driver

This specification describes a networking-sfc driver that will interface with a new Logical Port Chain resource API for the OVN infrastructure. The driver will translate networking-sfc requests into Logical Port Chain resources in the OVN northbound DB. These Logical Port Chain resources are created in OVN by updating the appropriate tables in the OVN northbound database (an ovsdb database).

Problem Description

networking-sfc allows various drivers to be used. Currently, drivers exist for OVS, ONOS and ODL infrastructures. Service chaining is being added to OVN and a driver is required to interface between networking-sfc and the OVN infrastructure.

Proposed Changes

The proposed extensions to the OVN northbound DB schema and API are described briefly here. Refer to openvswitch documentation for details. In addition the new OVN driver for networking-sfc will map from networking-sfc requests to Logical Port Chain resources in the OVN northbound DB via the networking-ovn driver.

The OVN driver for networking-sfc is shown below.

|  +-----------------------+  +----------------------+  |
|  |   Port Chain API      |  |  Neutron API         |  |
|  +-----------------------+  +----------------------+  |
|  |   Driver Manager      |  |  ML2 Manager         |  |
|  +-----------------------+  +----------------------+  |
|  |   Common Driver API   |  |  ML2 Driver API      |  |
|  +-----------------------+  +----------------------+  |
|             |                         |               |
|             v                         v               |
|  +=======================+  +----------------------+  |
|  |     networking-sfc /  |->|  networking-ovn      |  |
|  |      OVN Driver       |  |   ML2 Driver         |  |
|  +=======================+  +----------------------+  |
|                                   |     Neutron Server|
|                                   v                   |
|                  +-----------------------+            |
|                  |   OVN Northbound DB   |            |
|                  +-----------------------+ OVS Server |

OVN Northbound Port Chain DB

The proposed OVN northbound DB extensions for Logical Port Chains are shown below with three new resources:

  • Logical Port Chain

  • Logical Port Pair Group

  • Logical Port Pair

           action=sfc         port-pair-
+---------+       +=========+  groups +===========+
|         |       | Logical |         |  Logical  |
|  ACL    |------>| Port    |-------->| Port Pair |
|         |1     1| Chain   |1       *|   Group   |
+---------+       +=========+         +===========+
     ^*                           port-pairs |1
     |                                       |
acls |1                                      v*
+---------+ports  +---------+1      1 +===========+
| Logical |------>| Logical |<--------|  Logical  |
| Switch  |1     *| Switch  | inport/ | Port Pair |
|         |       | Port    | outport |           |
+---------+       +---------+         +===========+

The OVN ACL actions are extended to include a SFC action with an external_id to reference the name of the Logical Port Chain (lchain) with which the ACL is associated. The sfc action means that the packet is allowed and steered into the port-chain.

Logical Port Chain

A Logical Port Chain can contain one or more Logical Port Pair Groups. The order of Logical Port Pair Groups in the Logical Port Chain specifies the order of steering packets through the Port Chain from the outport of a Logical Port Pair in one Logical Port Pair Group to the inport of a Logical Port Pair in the next Logical Port Pair Group.

Logical Port Pair Group

A Logical Port Pair Group can contain one or more Logical Port Pairs and is used to load balance traffic across the Service Functions (Logical Port Pairs) in the Logical Port Pair Group. A Logical Port Pair Group can be a member of multiple Logical Port Chains.

Logical Port Pair

A Logical Port Pair represents the ingress Logical Switch Port and the egress Logical Switch Port of a Service Function. A Logical Port Pair can be a member of only one Logical Port Pair Group. An OVN Logical Switch Port can be a member of only one Logical Port Pair.


The existing OVN ACL action will be extended to add a sfc action with an external_id to reference the name of the Logical Port Chain with which the ACL is associated.

Networking-sfc / OVN Driver

The networking-sfc / OVN driver maps the Port Chain commands to OVN ovn-nbctl commands.

Port-chain to lport-chain Mapping

A Port-chain is mapped to a single lport-chain.

Port-pair-group to lport-pair-group Mapping

A Port-pair-group is mapped to a single lport-pair-group.

Port-pair to lport-pair Mapping

A Port-pair is mapped to a single lport-pair.

Flow-classifier to OVN ACL Mapping

Flow-classifers will be mapped to OVN ACLs as follows. A flow-classifier is mapped to a single OVN ACL.

When a flow-classifier is created its OVN ACL is created at that time. The OVN ACL is only created when the flow-classifier is associated with the port-chain: Then the driver does:

acl-add lswitch direction priority match sfc [lchain=<lport-chain>]

When a port-chain is updated to add/remove flow-classifiers then the necessary OVN ACLs are created and deleted.

If a port-chain that has flow-classifiers associated with it is deleted, then the OVN ACLs associated with those flow-classifiers are deleted.

Function Mapping

Port Chain Function

OVN Command



lchain-add, acl-add

Use acl-add when a port-chain is created with flow-classifiers


lchain-del, acl-del

Use acl-del to delete all flow-classifiers associated with a port-chain


lchain-set-port- pair-group

Use this OVN command when PPGs are added to or removed from a port-chain

acl-add, acl-del

Use acl-add/del when flow-classifiers are added or removed to a port-chain








Use this command to add / port-pairs to a PPG






No action

OVN ACLs are only created when flow-classifiers are attached to a port-chain


No action

Flow-Classifier Mapping

Flow Classifier







If protocol = “tcp”: min < tcp.src < max, if protocol = “udp”: min < udp.src < max


If protocol = “tcp”: min < tcp.dst < max, if protocol = “udp”: min < udp.dst < max


If ethertype = “IPv4”: ip4.src/mask, if ethertype = “IPv6”: ip6.src/mask


If ethertype = “IPv4”: ip4.dst/mask, if ethertype = “IPv6” ip6.dst/mask


If the logical-source-port is specified in the classifier then OVN ACL inport= “” and OVN ACL direction=from-port


A single asymmetric port chain will use only the logical-source-port, and not the logical-destination-port

A symmetric port chain is defined with a classifier that must have both a logical-source-port and a logical-destination-port. In this case, symmetric forward and reverse OVN port chains are created. The OVN ACL for the forward chain uses the logical-source-port, and the OVN ACL for the reverse chain uses the logical-destination-port.

The OVN ACL for the forward chain has inport=”” and OVN ACL direction=from-port. The OVN ACL for the reverse chain has inport=”” and OVN ACL direction=from-port.



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