Neutron Stadium

This section contains information on policies and procedures for the so called Neutron Stadium. The Neutron Stadium is the list of projects that show up in the OpenStack Governance Document.

The list includes projects that the Neutron PTL and core team are directly involved in, and manage on a day to day basis. To do so, the PTL and team ensure that common practices and guidelines are followed throughout the Stadium, for all aspects that pertain software development, from inception, to coding, testing, documentation and more.

The Stadium is not to be intended as a VIP club for OpenStack networking projects, or an upper tier within OpenStack. It is simply the list of projects the Neutron team and PTL claim responsibility for when producing Neutron deliverables throughout the release cycles.

For more details on the Stadium, and what it takes for a project to be considered an integral part of the Stadium, please read on.