Upgrade checks


CLI tool neutron-status upgrade check contains checks which perform a release-specific readiness check before restarting services with new code. For more details see neutron-status command-line client page.

3rd party plugins checks

Neutron upgrade checks script allows to add checks by stadium and 3rd party projects. The neutron-status script detects which sub-projects have been installed by enumerating the neutron.status.upgrade.checks entrypoints. For more details see the Entry Points section of Contributing extensions to Neutron. Checks can be run in random order and should be independent from each other.

The recommended entry point name is a repository name: For example, ‘neutron-fwaas’ for FWaaS and ‘networking-sfc’ for SFC:

neutron.status.upgrade.checks =
    neutron-fwaas = neutron_fwaas.upgrade.checks:Checks

Entrypoint should be class which inherits from neutron.cmd.upgrade_checks.base.BaseChecks.

An example of a checks class can be found in neutron.cmd.upgrade_checks.checks.CoreChecks.