Advanced configuration options

This section describes advanced configuration options for various system components. For example, configuration options where the default works but that the user wants to customize options. After installing from packages, $NEUTRON_CONF_DIR is /etc/neutron.

L3 metering agent

You can run an L3 metering agent that enables layer-3 traffic metering. In general, you should launch the metering agent on all nodes that run the L3 agent:

$ neutron-metering-agent --config-file NEUTRON_CONFIG_FILE \
  --config-file L3_METERING_CONFIG_FILE

You must configure a driver that matches the plug-in that runs on the service. The driver adds metering to the routing interface.



Open vSwitch

interface_driver ($NEUTRON_CONF_DIR/metering_agent.ini)


Linux Bridge

interface_driver ($NEUTRON_CONF_DIR/metering_agent.ini)


L3 metering driver

You must configure any driver that implements the metering abstraction. Currently the only available implementation uses iptables for metering.

driver = iptables

L3 metering service driver

To enable L3 metering, you must set the following option in the neutron.conf file on the host that runs neutron-server:

service_plugins = metering