Resource purge

The Networking service provides a purge mechanism to delete the following network resources for a project:

  • Networks

  • Subnets

  • Ports

  • Router interfaces

  • Routers

  • Floating IP addresses

  • Security groups

Typically, one uses this mechanism to delete networking resources for a defunct project regardless of its existence in the Identity service.


  1. Source the necessary project credentials. The administrative project can delete resources for all other projects. A regular project can delete its own network resources and those belonging to other projects for which it has sufficient access.

  2. Delete the network resources for a particular project.

    $ neutron purge PROJECT_ID

    Replace PROJECT_ID with the project ID.

The command provides output that includes a completion percentage and the quantity of successful or unsuccessful network resource deletions. An unsuccessful deletion usually indicates sharing of a resource with one or more additional projects.

Purging resources: 100% complete.
Deleted 1 security_group, 2 ports, 1 router, 1 floatingip, 2 networks.
The following resources could not be deleted: 1 network.

The command also indicates if a project lacks network resources.

Tenant has no supported resources.