General Feature Support


Please note, while this document is still being maintained, this is slowly being updated to re-group and classify features using the definitions described in here: Introduction.

This document covers the maturity and support of the Neutron API and its API extensions. Details about the API can be found at Networking API v2.0.

When considering which capabilities should be marked as mature the following general guiding principles were applied:

  • Inclusivity - people have shown ability to make effective use of a wide range of network plugins and drivers with broadly varying feature sets. Aiming to keep the requirements as inclusive as possible, avoids second-guessing how a user wants to use their networks.

  • Bootstrapping - a practical use case test is to consider that starting point for the network deploy is an empty data center with new machines and network connectivity. Then look at what are the minimum features required of the network service, in order to get user instances running and connected over the network.

  • Reality - there are many networking drivers and plugins compatible with neutron. Each with their own supported feature set.


Feature Status Linux Bridge Networking ODL OVN Open vSwitch
Networks mandatory
Subnets mandatory
Ports mandatory
Routers mandatory
Security Groups mature
External Networks mature
Distributed Virtual Routers immature
L3 High Availability immature
Quality of Service mature
Border Gateway Protocol immature ? ? ?
DNS mature
Trunk Ports mature
Metering mature ?



  • This document is a continuous work in progress