Gracefully remove a GlusterFS volume from usage

Gracefully remove a GlusterFS volume from usage

Configuring the cinder volume service to use GlusterFS involves creating a shares file (for example, /etc/cinder/glusterfs). This shares file lists each GlusterFS volume (with its corresponding storage server) that the cinder volume service can use for back end storage.

To remove a GlusterFS volume from usage as a back end, delete the volume’s corresponding entry from the shares file. After doing so, restart the Block Storage services.

Restarting the Block Storage services will prevent the cinder volume service from exporting the deleted GlusterFS volume. This will prevent any instances from mounting the volume from that point onwards.

However, the removed GlusterFS volume might still be mounted on an instance at this point. Typically, this is the case when the volume was already mounted while its entry was deleted from the shares file. Whenever this occurs, you will have to unmount the volume as normal after the Block Storage services are restarted.

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