Manage shares

Manage shares

A share is provided by file storage. You can give access to a share to instances. To create and manage shares, use manila client commands.

Migrate a share

As an administrator, you can migrate a share with its data from one location to another in a manner that is transparent to users and workloads.

Possible use cases for data migration include:

  • Bring down a physical storage device for maintenance without disrupting workloads.
  • Modify the properties of a share.
  • Free up space in a thinly-provisioned back end.

Migrate a share with the manila migrate command, as shown in the following example:

$ manila migrate shareID destinationHost --force-host-copy True|False

In this example, --force-host-copy True forces the generic host-based migration mechanism and bypasses any driver optimizations. destinationHost is in this format host#pool which includes destination host and pool.


If the user is not an administrator, the migration fails.

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